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7 Reasons Why We’re Loving Showmax


My family has been enjoying great shows on Showmax ever since we got our subscription about a month ago. Over the last few weeks, we’ve developed a pretty good love affair with it.

Some of the shows we’ve been enjoying are The Good Wife, Jane the Virgin, Suits, Viking, Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, Silicon Valley and The Sopranos. The kids have been loving these shows.

This show has such great reviews from most of the women I’ve talked to 🙂

Showmax, by the way, is an internet TV service that allows you to watch over 20,000 of the best series, movies and kids’ shows from any smart device as long as you have a good internet connection. Today, I’ll share reasons we’ve been loving on it.

  1. No Commercials

With Showmax, we get to watch shows back to back with no adverts. This is such a big deal! The fact that we get to watch an entire episode from start to finish with no commercials makes our viewing experience awesome. We don’t need to “Skip Ad” or fast forward. Just smooth viewing.

2. Plenty of Shows, full Boxsets

Showmax has plenty of shows that have full seasons. For example, I’m currently watching The Good Wife and I’m happy that Showmax has all 7 seasons of it.

They also have all 6 seasons of the Sopranos, full seasons of Frasier, Rectify and Grey’s Anatomy among others. This means you can watch an entire series from start to finish.

Showmax has lots of great local content too!


3. Download and Watch Later 

If you’re in a place where you have Wi-Fi during the day, then you can download shows on your smartphone, tablet or laptop and save them to watch later (in the evenings, on weekends or while travelling long distance).

The fact that we can actually download up to 25 shows to watch later is a plus. I plan on doing this for our next trip to the village where there’s no good internet.

4. Watch on More than one Device at the Same Time

With a single Showmax subscription, we get to watch two different shows on two different devices at the same time. This means that two members of the family can watch their different shows at the same time, in the same room, or in different locations, hence no need for squabbles.

So for example, when the kids are watching their favourite shows, and when I’m not watching along, I’m able to watch my favourite series.

This must be the most popular series right now. If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s your chance to watch seasons of #GOT for the next 14 days for free on Showmax 🙂

5. Bonding Time with the Kids 

Let me say that the kids’ content on Showmax is amazing. I love watching shows along with my kids, especially the fun, educational ones plus those that are adventure-filled. I’m talking about shows that teach kindness, honesty, generosity, obedience, friendship and creativity. They provide good learning lessons for them, and I’m there to guide them along.

Some of these shows include Curious George, Leap Frog Specials, Wonder Pets, Super Why, Dinosaur Train, The Mighty Jungle, Dora and Diego. You can read more in my earlier post here.

6. Easily Set up a Profile for the Kids

There is definitely the need to restrict what kids watch, hence the need to regulate what is accessible to them. The good thing is that Showmax allows for this by letting you set up up a profile for each of your children, depending on their age.

After you set their profile, it means they will only be able to watch shows and movies that are relevant and suitable for them and you can feel totally comfortable with what they are watching. My kids are aged 4 and 6, so I’ve set up their profile in the “younger kids” category (for under 7s).

By setting up your kid’s profile, they can only watch what is suitable for them.

7. We can pay with M-Pesa

Being able to pay with Mpesa just makes Showmax so convenient! We have Mpesa on our phones, and that just makes it so much easier 🙂

Yeah, so these are just some of the reasons why Showmax is a favourite in our home. And here’s the exciting part. You too can try out Showmax for free for 14 days and get to enjoy all the benefits I’ve talked about.

All you need is a mobile number to sign up. You’ll then receive an SMS with a voucher code for 14 days of access to Showmax for free. Here is the link to Showmax where you can sign up to access your free 14-day trial now.

Check out some other shows that could be of interest to you or some of your family members:

The Good Wife -what I’m watching now. I love this show!
Among the Barbie Collection: Barbie in the Pink Shoes, Barbie Mariposa and her Butterfly Fairy Friends, Barbie; a Fashion Fairy Tale, Barbie and the Diamond Castle and Barbie and the Three Musketeers.

Don’t forget to get your free 14-day trial voucher here. If you’ve already signed up to Showmax, how has your experience been, and what shows are you and your family loving?



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