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5 Tips for the Cautious: Mixing Business with Family and Friends, by Sammy Muraya


As we start the year, I have to share with you some helpful insights from my former colleague, award-winning journalist, soccer commentator and father -Sammy Muraya. They are important lessons that he learnt in 2015, and which I’m sure would be of great benefit to you too – especially if you’re in business.

Muraya says:

“2015 was a pretty weird and tough year, and I’m glad that God helped me see it through. But in as much as I may just want to talk about the toughness, there have been lessons learnt and blessings too. The most valuable lessons that I am taking to 2016 are:

1. Business and friendship should never mix. When doing a deal, do it purely as business and think of yourself first.

2. Mixing family and business can either work for you or really mess you up big time. Sometimes you just have to turn down relatives because more often than not they will not appreciate your efforts and will only see the negative things. They will not take note of the extra effort you put in, or the fact that you many times have to go back to your pocket to get the job done.

3. Never ever do any serious business deal in a bar. More often than not the conversations will be forgotten and what you thought was a sealed deal ends up being a memory in your head only.

4. Never ever have verbal agreements with anyone. Where possible, make sure you have something written before you enter any deal.

5. Don’t lose friends no matter what. It is in tough times that you will know your real friends. Try to hold onto the few that you know will be there for you no matter what.

Having said all that, I am praying that you all have a great 2016 ahead. I am sure mine will be a Happy 2016.”


 Have you had any experiences dealing mixing business with family and friends? How was that like?



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