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13 Shopping Tips for First-Time Mothers


What things should an expectant mom take into consideration while shopping for baby items? In this post, I share with you some helpful shopping tips for pregnant mothers, especially first-time moms. These tips are drawn from my own experiences as well as the experiences of other mothers.

  1. Shop early because if you wait until the last month/s, you may not have the energy to walk around and do the shopping. Considering that you’ll be feeling tired and pressed for time, you may just end up buying everything from one store whose prices might be on the higher side. So shop early to get a variety of good deals
  1. Before purchasing from an online store, compare prices. Take time to do some research. The same applies to shopping from brick and mortar baby shops -check supermarket prices too, because sometimes they are cheaper
  1. Don’t buy many newborn clothes (0-3 months) no matter how cute they are, because babies grow so fast and will outgrow them in no time. Some might not even fit your newborn in the first place! Also when buying, invest in good quality cotton items

  1. Consider the weather. For example, rushing to buy warm clothes when it gets cold or it starts raining will see you buying them at a higher price than you would have when there was sunshine. So buy them early enough to avoid those price hikes
  1. Don’t buy diapers in bulk, as you don’t know yet if your baby will react to a particular brand –which just could be the one you bought plenty of
  1. Don’t forget you have a post-pregnancy life too, so shop for all the things you’ll need after baby is born, such as nursing bras, nursing outfits, maternity pads, breast pads, breastfeeding pillow etc
  1. Don’t buy too many things as most will end up being unnecessary. Trust me, there’s lots of cute, fancy little things in the market that are so attractive (and expensive), but which neither you nor baby needs. Make a list and stick to it. Keep it simple
  1. Buy what’s within your budget. Remember there are plenty of second-hand markets and thrift stores (including online stores) that sell good quality baby items
  1. Know what items to invest in –quality items that can be used by the second or third baby. Such as a car seat, stroller, a toto wrap or baby carrier etc
  1. Remember that an expensive item doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s of highest quality. Just buy what’s practical and useful
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  1. When buying a diaper bag, consider getting one that is a neutral color –one that the baby’s father will also feel comfortable carrying –as you’ll definitely need his help when moving around
  1. Go for shopping with your girlfriend, sister, mom, cousin… just don’t go with someone who will be grumpy and impatient because it can be a total killjoy for you and you honestly don’t need that. You need to have fun while shopping for your baby!
  1. Don’t forget to walk the journey with other moms. Join educative platforms where you can connect with other moms. Talk to them, ask questions –you’ll be amazed at the wealth of knowledge fellow moms have that will make your new motherhood experience much better. You can also take time to read up on previous articles on my blog where you’ll find tons of helpful advice from Kenyan mothers who share their pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and other motherhood stories that will enlighten you.

Did I miss out on a helpful newborn shopping tip? Share it down in the comments section below. Also share this post with a pregnant mom you know, it could really help her.

Also remember as you prepare for your newborn, think about the help that you’ll need around the house, such as a nanny or house help or house girl. In the video below, I cover the important questions you need to ask a potential nanny during the interview.

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