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House Helps in Kenya: 10 Gift Ideas on How you can Reward your House Girl this Christmas Holiday


It’s time for the annual Christmas holiday break, and for many Kenyan mothers who have employed house girls, many consider giving them ‘something small’ as they travel home as a gesture of appreciation for their work.

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In this article, I spoke to a number of Kenyan mothers who will be appreciating their house girls, and how they will be doing so. From this, you can get an idea or two or three about how you can reward yours too.

1. Do some shopping for her mum

2. Buy her mum a modern energy-saving jiko

3. Buy outfits and shoes for each of her children

4. Pay for her transport (fare) to and from home

5. Buy her a significant amount of mobile phone airtime

6. Give her a bonus (you can double her salary or an amount you can genuinely afford)

A Kitenge fabric or tailored outfit for her and/or her mom will be a good idea.
A Kitenge fabric or tailored outfit for her and/or her mom will be a good idea.

7. Take her shopping for a dress of her choice, or tailor a lovely Kitenge outfit for her

8. Pay for her salon expenses just before she leaves. Many girls like going home in well-done braids or freshly retouched hair

9. Buy one or two good quality solar lanterns for use back at home

10. Gift her with a supermarket voucher. Because nowadays there are major supermarket chains in most towns, so she can stop by one on her way home and shop for her family there.

Bonus tip: Ask her what she wants and consider it (as long as it’s something reasonable within your means). 

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And by the way, if you chose to reward your house girl, remember you aren’t doing so as a bribe for her to come back in January. No, you are just appreciating her.

Whether she comes back or not, at least you’ll have done what your heart told you to do. It also doesn’t matter if she’s been with you for just one month, 6 months, 4 years or 10 years. If your heart tells you to do good, then just do good. Then sit back and wait for God’s abundance in your life :).

Feel free to share any other reward idea that you have. Meanwhile, read more Kenyan mom’s experiences here.

Happy holidays!

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