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What Kind of Shopper am I?


Right now I’m very broke. Like really broke. Like waiting for that ka-salary to clear in the bank… bla bla bla… those banking explanations that I don’t quite understand.

So yesterday I had Ksh 1,000 to spend on some urgent kitchen stuff like unga, royco, groceries, milk, bread, sugar, fruits etcetera etcetera that we needed for our evening meal, as well a few other household stuff. And so as is the norm, I passed by the supermarket on my way home.
Shopping basket filled with groceries.
© Photographer: Andorapro | Agency: Dreamstime.com

At the supermarket, where I got parking was towards the back entry and so what I did was decide to enter the supermarket through the back door as I figured walking all the way to the front door was too much work. Si as long as I got to the aisle where the stuff I needed was it didn’t matter through which door I came in through?

Now, this specific back entry side is the one that has clothing items, shoes and other wardrobe necessities. So as I walked past the clothes towards the main supermarket area to shop for the kitchen and household stuff I had gone to buy, I suddenly froze.

I froze because I couldn’t ignore the distress call of this cute little boy outfit that was pleading and begging for me to take it home to Kitty. But being the focused lady that I am, I decided to ignore that distress call and continue my merry way into the unga section of the supermarket. But two steps later, my body involuntarily turned back towards the outfit. Maybe I should just check it out, no harm in satisfying the desires of the eye. Si ‘kuangalia ni bure’ anyway?

So I slowly walked towards the outfit and when I touched it, I inhaled deeply as it took my breath away. I instantly saw Kitty in it, looking all so lovely and handsome, and with that thought a smile formed on my face. Somehow, the outfit couldn’t get back to its shelf as it had glued itself to my hand.

So what I did was quickly do some mental math. The outfit cost slightly over 400 shillings. Not bad. I would still have some money left for unga and groceries. Royco was a luxury so that one I cut out. Infact, in these harsh economic times, even sugar is a luxury.

So I walked towards the cashier to pay for the little outfit. But on my way there, I saw a romper that once again, could not do without kitty. And then I saw the cutest little pair of booties i’d ever seen. By the time I got to the counter, my bill was Ksh 1025. So it was either I look for the extra 25 bob or I drop one of the clothing items. My heart would have broken if I dropped any of the clothes I had picked for Kitty. So I attempted to coax the cashier to give me a discount but that’s a supermarket and ofcourse they don’t give discounts. So I told him to hold on, not to sell the outfits to anyone as I rushed to the car and searched for coins in the glove compartment. And voila! I got the 25 bob.

Baby clothes
© Photographer: Blojfo | Agency: Dreamstime.com

And with a smile, I happily walked out of the supermarket –very pleased with myself for getting my boy those lovely outfits. But I cursed those supermarket people for putting those clothes there. Such beautiful clothes should be put upstairs far far far away where women cannot access easily. Meaning that if you really came to buy clothes, then you will have to go the distance to get to where they are.

So did I make it to the unga section? Not at all. After I paid for Kitty’s clothes, I had not a shilling left as I went home. They should put things like unga right there at the front so that we don’t get side-tracked into buying things we didn’t intend to buy. So what did the family eat for supper? I shall not reveal.

So now I’m even more broke than I was yesterday. But yet the unga and the groceries and the milk and the sugar MUST be bought today. So what I’m doing right now is trying to remember who owes me money. Even if it’s 50 bob, I will call you up and demand that money –as though it’s a matter of life and death (because it actually is). So if you owe me any money, await my call or sms during the course of the day. I hope you’ll understand why.

Anyway, as I try to remember who owes me money, I’m also trying to decide what kind of person I am, and you can help me answer this.

Am I:

a)      A gullible shopper

b)      An irresponsible shopper

c)       A loving mother who puts the needs of her child first before all else

d)      A normal woman who buys things on impulse

e)      All the above

So tell me, what am I?



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Maryanne W. Waweru is a Kenyan mum raising her two sons in Nairobi. A journalist, Maryanne is passionate about telling stories and hopes that through her writing, her readers learn something new, feel encouraged, inspired, and appreciative of what they have in their lives. Maryanne's writing focuses on motherhood, women and lifestyle. "Telling stories is the only thing I know how to do," she says.


  1. hehehe.. ati a ‘loving mother who puts the needs of her child first….’ thats a lie… that would be true if you had bought Kitty a banana instead of tithing it… hehhehehe/… loving mother… YOU ARE A BABY-SHOPPAHOLIC…. (arent all mums)so il go with d)A normal woman who buys things on impulse.
    I say this with confidence coz last week i walked into mr. Price n bought Renee shoes worth 1,800 and by yesterday they looked like she has owned them for ober a year now!!!

  2. A loving mother who puts the needs of her child first before all else dat can b the first option,bt still u can fall in category (d)A normal woman who buys things on impulse bt u r better off i am a patience of dis disease called impulse buyin ,

  3. @Miss Babes -kumbe it’s not only me? And since you took Renee to the ASK show yesterday, did she perhaps wear those shoes? And if yes, are they still wearable? @Emily glad to know that we’re many impusle buyers:-)

  4. All the above with the exception of irresponsible shopper. At least you engaged your thought process (however deceiving)before buying the items and hehehehe I love the loving mum one lolest!!! What a consolation?

  5. You are a loving mother who puts the needs of her child first before all else and A normal woman who buys things on impulse. I think even if you collected all ur debts you would repeat the same. hahahaa!

  6. Ofcourse you are a loving mum who puts the need of her child before anything else…aren’t we all.
    I cant count the number of tmes i have gone to the supermarket with a shopping list of groceries only to end up with chldrens toys and cloths instead.

  7. Let’s just say if I was the hubby, I would not let you anywhere near a supermarket again, of what use is a well dressed baby who is starving?

    Alt, I insist you use the proper entrance to the stores!

  8. Maryanne, those shoes, lets not even go there… from today i am not spending anything more thaan 649 on a pair of shoes for that child… nimekataa.

    In other news, on Sato i was going to biashara street with Renee to buy a certain new born some MUCH NEEDED stuff… so next to the office there is a place they r selling ‘wares’ n we deciided to drop in with my disciple Renee… lets just say we never got to bisahara street and Renee is 2 trousers and 3 hanna montana tops richer… i need a ‘budgeting’ crush course ASAP!!!!


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