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Mums in Business: Lillian Kandi Kariithi of Elegant Klad


25 year old Lillian Kandi Karithi is mom to 10-month old son Remyel. While she studied architecture in college, she now runs her own online business which specializes in women’s fashionable clothing. I had an interview with her about her decision to get into self-employment, her business and her family.

Maryanne: Tell us about your business

Lillian: I run a purely online business where I sell ladies second-hand clothes, trendy dresses, official and casual wear. I also sell bedding-satin, silk, cotton duvets and bed sheets….all at very affordable prices. I source for these clothes then market them online, get orders and deliver the items to clients at a place most convenient for them.

Maryanne: Why did you become a mompreneur?

Lillian: I lost my job after I got pregnant, after having some unpleasant experiences at my area of expertise (architecture). When I lost the job, I had a lot of time to myself before I delivered and during this time I decided to evaluate things I was passionate about and thought it would be nice to earn a living through one of them.

I love clothes (don’t we all and I decided…why not make a living from this? Besides, the thought of going through a week without being shouted at or scolded by a boss was great! I would also get more time to spend with my family – my son and husband.)

Maryanne: What is the biggest challenge working for yourself?

Lillian: It can be very exhausting at times, and balancing family time and work time can also get tricky.

Maryanne: What are the joys of running your own business?

Lillian: I am my own boss, its flexible, I get to spend more time with my family, I can take a break when necessary and I get to see firsthand how a happy a client is when she gets a good outfit. This gives me motivation to do even better.

Maryanne: What would you tell a woman who is stuck in a bad job but is scared of leaving?

Lillian: I believe everything happens for a reason. Take the bad experience you’ve had and let it be a lesson learnt. Let it get you thinking about what you’re good at and if possible – how you can be your own boss.

Something else that is very important: make sure you have a plan, don’t just up and quit. Plan how you’ll survive before whatever you’re venturing into can support you comfortably.

Maryanne: What advice would you give other mompreneurs?

Lillian: First, congrats on being your own boss. Second, trust in God to give you wisdom on how to run your business. Others are:

  • Tithe.
  • If you have employees, treat them as you’d like to be treated.
  • Give to those who are not as fortunate as you are….it is more blessed to give than to receive…
  • Inspire somebody with what you do.

Maryanne: How is motherhood going for you?

Lillian: Ohhhhh it’s been great! From the day I held my son in my arms, my life has been awesome – sometimes I still don’t believe he’s all mine.… I wake up everyday looking forward to his smile, hear him call me mum, watch him dance along to his favourite songs, watch him seriously watching TV though he probably doesn’t understand a thing… I could go on forever. It’s been great and it makes me feel extra special… especially when he cries and he doesn’t want anyone else to comfort him, just me (I know that’s a bit selfish but hey).

Maryanne: Has motherhood changed you?

Lillian: Yes it has, I have  become more caring, compassionate, more driven to work harder, to be a better person. It’s got me more fascinated by the smallest things, like I never thought I’d be fascinated by teeth -till I saw those of my little boy pop out. Ohhh, I jumped up and down screaming like a little girl. I also remember the first time he called me mum…I actually had him repeat it and recorded it. I also remember the first time he crawled…..every new thing he does makes me so proud and thankful to be a mum.

Maryanne: What pieces of advice will you give your son Remyel as he grows up?

Lillian: Trust in God always and lean not your own understanding, choose to do that which pleases God.

Treat others as you’d want to be treated.

Whenever you are going through a rough time, take it as a test to make you stronger, and a way to depend on God more, for if everything went smoothly, you would feel independent…and that’s not how it should be.

Count your blessings and be grateful for every little thing you have.

Don’t go breaking girls’ hearts ….be a gentleman :).



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