After that, Esther walks to her school which is less than 10 minutes away from our house. Since they all leave for work in the morning and come back at around 4pm, she is always back home just in time to receive the children.

She then goes ahead to carry out her respective duties. Esther is a good planner and time manager – I’ve observed how she’s able to organize herself very well.

Marion with Lewis and Lya

How have we Managed to Stay Well Together?

I would say it is by God’s grace that I have maintained a good relationship with Esther.  We have now lived together for three years and nine months.

Both of us acknowledge that neither is perfect. She makes her mistakes and I also do make mistakes. But we correct, forgive and move on. We relate together as sisters, or as mother and daughter depending on the situation at hand.

It also helps that I believe that if that if someone is looking after your kids, then they should be treated well because of the significant role they play in your life and that of your children. Esther is that person to me.

Marion and Esther

Esther has been God-sent

As a single mother, and running my own business, it has not been easy. I have to work very hard, and sometimes I leave home very early in the morning return late when the children are already asleep. On such days, I ensure I speak to them on phone and find out how their day ways. I never get worried when I am out working because I know Esther takes good care of the children and the home. She really comes through for me.

I rarely get free time on my hands but during weekends, I take the kids to work with me. That way, we get to spend time together and they learn a few things about business. On Sundays, we go to church and after that we visit my parents, friends, go out for lunch, or just go back home and play with each other as I also take time to rest.

A Word of Advice to Fellow Moms

In this motherhood journey, one thing I have learnt is that every mom needs a good support system. It’s very easy to sink into depression when you are all alone and have to put everything into place as well as ensure the kids are well taken care of. I have learnt to be very patient and graceful.

My greatest support system has definitely been God and Esther. I don’t know how my life would have been without her. God bless her so much.

To every mother and woman out there, don’t hesitate to give your house help the best treatment. Even if they end up leaving, one day God will bless you with someone who you will get along with very well. Just do good and blessings will come flowing your way.”

That’s Marion’s story. How about you? Would you take in your house girl’s child/children to stay with you?

Has Marion’s story inspired you? Feel free to share it with your friends who you think would be inspired too.

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