Lucy: My greatest fear as a mother is my kids turning out to be bad people. As a mom, I’m always on my knees praying for them, that they may grow up to be reputable people in society and follow Godly ways.


Sylvia: What is the one gift you will give to your children that you hope they will cherish dearly for the rest of their life?

Lucy: For them to love their children and families when the right time comes. I won’t let anything or anyone come between me and my kids/family. I will do anything possible to keep them happy. I shower them with love and this is one thing I insist they should give their families as well.

Sylvia: As a working mum, how do you balance between family and career?

Lucy: Striking a balance between work and family can be quite hard, but somehow I manage by making sure if its work I am there at the right time. When it comes to family, I create time for my kids and husband. What I probably don’t have is time for myself since I’m still in those years when my kids need me to be there.

Lucy  is grateful for the support of her husband through her motherhood journey.
Lucy is grateful for the support of her husband all through her motherhood journey.

Sylvia: Anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through parenthood?

Lucy: My husband. He is one special person in my life. He has been so supportive in everything; loving and taking care of our kids especially during difficult times when I had no house helps and whenever I got home late from work. He helped stay with the kids till I got home. He has sufficiently provided for us, made sure our kids go to good schools among many other things. He is such a blessing.

Sylvia: What motherhood advice would you like to share with fellow moms?

  • Learn, understand, take care, guide, love your children and never compare them with others.
  • Never compare and compete with other mothers when bringing up kids. Instead, work with what you have.
  • Don’t go overboard and pressure yourself with giving your kids a life which you can’t sustain.
  • Be yourself but love your children unconditionally.

    Lucy's three children.
    Lucy’s three children.

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