As I listened to her share her experience, it was as though she was narrating my story again: throbbing headaches, the singing noise in the ears and nausea on the day she decided to check into hospital. But they were late in detecting the condition and despite undergoing a caesarean section, the baby did not make it.

One other woman had given birth to a pre-term baby at six months due to the same condition. The whole situation in the ward made me feel really sad, knowing that preeclampsia was responsible for all that I was seeing around me.

My eclampsia experiences left me baffled about how some medical personnel miss it during post-natal clinics, though I admit that the condition can be deceptive. I survived and believe that if the condition can be caught early, then lives of many women and their babies can be saved. I also encourage my fellow women to be aware of the tell-tale signs of preeclampsia, which include: headaches, swollen limbs or even face, and the incessant and uncomfortable noise of your heartbeat in your ears. We can also be our sisters keepers by asking women with swollen feet to seek second opinion to check on their blood pressure. –END.

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And that is Lucy’s experience. Do you have a motherhood experience that you would like other women to learn from? Email me on and I will be in touch.

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