“I Was Excited About Joining my New School. Until they Found out I was HIV Positive” -Elijah Lemayian’s Story


This is the story of 12 year-old Elijah Lemayian who was denied admission in a primary school that he had instantly fallen in love with -on account of his HIV positive status. That this kind of stigma happens in this day and age is saddening. But it does happen, that I am not shocked about. Elijah and his mother Evelyn have access to the media; thousands of other HIV positive children and their parents do not. They have neither the voice nor the confidence to stand up to the institutions that are the schools that discriminate them.

Unfortunately, society still discriminates against individuals such as Elijah and Evelyn. But, who is this society? Aren’t we part of this society? Isn’t society you and I? What are you doing to end this kind of discrimination?




  1. I remember Evelyn and Elijah. He has grown into such a fine young man. Kudos to Evelyn. Elijah is going places with or without this school. It’s their loss!

    • You know!! That boy has a bright future. I’m also glad to see Simaloi standing strong. She has really come from far. Literally!


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