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“I Spent Almost Half of my Pregnancy in Tears!”

Mary Naanyu with her dear mom. Mary's husband, parents and other family members were her greatest source of support during her pregnancy.
Mary Naanyu with her dear mom. Mary’s husband, parents and other family members were her greatest source of support during her pregnancy.

I went on to read about it and learnt that some placentas can calcify early, to the point that no oxygen or nutrients can be available for the baby anymore. The article also said that if it occurred after 37 weeks, it was okay since the baby would be term. However, I was only 33 weeks along, meaning that mine was calcifying prematurely! I became even more worried and would find myself leaving the office constantly to take a walk around the parking lot, crying at the hopelessness of it all. Worse, I would worry that I had spiked my blood pressure and hurry to have it checked. That was my life every single day after 33 weeks.

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My due date was 4 October 2014. On the evening of 16 September 2014, I was counting the number of my baby’s kicks and noticed that I hadn’t felt a single one since 3pm. It was almost 7pm then. I called the doctor and he advised me to have the baby’s heartbeat checked. Thankfully it was okay.

However, when my husband and I went to see him the following day, our baby’s heartbeat was low. The doctor was not comfortable with how things were looking, and informed us that he would be delivering our baby that very day. What?? You should have seen the look on our faces! We were not prepared – just yet- to welcome our baby into the world!

Anyway, I was induced that Wednesday night and had my beautiful Jasmine the following day. She was born healthy and she remains a happy, playful and talkative baby!

Mary Naanyu with her daughter.
Mary Naanyu with her daughter.

What I Would Like Other Women to Know

When I found out I was pregnant, I had this idea that everything would be rosy and perfect and at the end of nine months I’d have my sweet baby in my arms. I’m actually grateful for that threatened abortion because it snapped me out of dreamland.

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Preeclampsia is generally unknown especially to first time mums and many come to know about it when it’s already too late. For example, many know that swelling of feet, fingers or face is normal in pregnancy, but they are never able to tell the difference between what is normal and what is not. So I would like to advice pregnant moms to take time to be knowledgeable about pregnancy and the warning signs, and when to see a doctor. Talk to your doctor if you have any doubts about anything. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, for fear that you might be wasting the doctor’s time. It is your right to ask.


All in all, I am truly grateful to God that he allowed me to experience the joy of motherhood by overcoming preeclampsia.-END

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