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How to Fold Your T-Shirts; 4 Different Ways


How do you fold your t-shirts? For the longest time ever, I’ve always folded them one way: I first fold the right side (vertically) then bring it to the middle, then fold the left side (vertically) then bring it to the middle. I then I fold the t-shirt in half. And that’s it. I hope I’ve made sense?

Now, I’ve just come across other ways of doing so, and which I will definitely try out. Have a look at this video below by Tulip, and see the different ways that you can fold your tee’s.  Numbers 3 (Japanese fold) and 4 (ranger roll) are the one’s I’ve never tried out. And they look interesting! They are on my to-do-list.

So have you learnt a new way to fold your t-shirt as well? You can follow Tulip for more very helpful household tips.

By the way, this blog (Mummy Tales) has been nominated for a 2017 BAKE awards -in the Best Women and Girls Empowerment category. I will appreciate your support. Kindly click on this link to cast your vote (number 21 .a). Thank you for your time.



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