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House Helps in Kenya: How Soon Should you Travel When You Have a New Housegirl?

Stella Shilingi, the accused housegirl.

For mums who travel often, after how long do you feel confident enough to go for a trip when you have a new house girl? One week? A month? Three months? Half a year? A year? How about never? Well, these are some of the questions I found myself asking after reading about the story of one woman in Nairobi called Monica Wairimu, whose new house girl stole a couple of items from her. The stolen items included:

  • Death certificate (don’t ask)
  • Assorted jewelry
  • Sh3,000 in cash
  • Three handbags
  • Three wigs
  • ATM cards
  • Clothes
  • Shoes

All the above items were reported to be valued at about Sh60,000.

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The house girl – called Stella Shilingi (no kidding) stole the items when her employer was out on a trip. It is actually a mama mboga at a nearby kiosk, and suspicious of the items that Stella was carrying, who called up Monica and asked her if she’d asked her house girl to take some items to her (Monica’s) boutique, that the truth was discovered. Monica had not asked her house girl to take any items anywhere.

So after Monica reported the case to the authorities, Stella was arrested in her Kakamega home, where some of he stolen items were recovered. She’s now pleading for forgiveness. Stella had worked for Monica for only 16 days.

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So let me ask you – after how long with a new house girl do you often feel comfortable enough to travel?

Information source: Standard.



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