Home Children House Girl Stole Baby to ‘Punish her Employer for Salary Arrears’

House Girl Stole Baby to ‘Punish her Employer for Salary Arrears’


The stories we hear of children being abducted by nannies or house girls are horrifying. Every parent’s nightmare. And yet, sadly, they continue to happen. We continue to hear and read about them. Just last week, one house girl, a suspect allegedly from Uganda, stole a baby from a Nairobi-based couple. Thankfully, she was arrested at the border, just before she could successfully accomplish her mission.

So why did Jessica Nyawire abduct the little girl? Well, apparently, she wanted to ‘punish the child’s employer because of salary arrears’. Jessica had been employed in the home for only two weeks.

This report by Lillian Muli of Citizen TV sheds light on a few issues that we need to be vigilant about with regard to those who we bring into our homes to watch over our children.

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What measures have you put in place to try as much as possible to prevent such a situation from happening to you, as a parent?

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