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Event: Annual Royal Family Dinner


I’m sure you’ve come across Reverend Philip Kitoto’s articles in the Daily Nation newspaper (DN2) where he offers advice on relationships. Well, this Saturday 28 November, you can get to listen to him speak at a family dinner event.

You know me… I’m all about raising good, responsible kids, and I’m sure there will be something in Pastor Kitoto’s talk that will help influence you and I to achieve our parenting goals, so this is definitely something of interest.


What you can look forward to:
Sumptuous meals, great ambiance, lots to learn, fun and laughter, and the opportunity to meet other like-minded people. 

If you can make time to attend this event, then do so, I’m sure you’ll be enriched and blessed.

Have a lovely day.

Photo: Royal Life Springs



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  1. MaryAnne,
    Thankyou for informing us about the Royal dinner event. I always look forward to their events as their different programs have greatly enriched my family. I got to know about the group when I was dating, now Im married and have been blessed with one child. They have walked with me all through. I also really like Rev.Kitoto, he lives out what he teaches. I am looking forward to attending the dinner!


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