As she did so, she blurted out: “it’s a boy” without asking if I actually wanted to know. My husband though never believed this story. He thinks I asked ‘deliberately’.

New Mom Struggles

When it came to breastfeeding, I was taught about latching at the hospital. However, I still got cracked nipples! Maybe it had to do with my latching.

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I wish I knew how important it is for a new mother to get help after birth. I didn’t get a house help because I thought it would be easy. However, my baby became colicky when he was only two weeks old. 90 per cent of the time I was tired because he was always crying. Thankfully my sisters came over and watched over Gabriel, giving me precious moments of rest. When I finally got a house help, I was relieved as I was able to take breaks to rest.


However, I must say that it hasn’t been easy with house helps. I’m on my fifth one now! The first house girl I got was really nice, but then she was pregnant and had to leave at some point. After that everything went downhill. I got two who stayed for two weeks each and another one who stayed for a month but she was too lazy and didn’t like being told anything. The one I have now has been with us for four months and so far so good. Phew!

To be a Stay-at-Home Mom or Continue Working?

Not once, not twice, not three times, but countless times, I have contemplated resigning from my job, especially the days when I’ve had house help problems. I just thought it wasn’t worth it.

Then there are days I work so late and all I think about is my little baby, lost, wondering where his mummy is. It’s so hard but my husband helps a lot by ensuring he is home early whenever I’m working late so that at least the baby sees one of us around. I also try to spend time with my family as much as possible when I get home from work, during the weekends and holidays. I consider those periods total family time. We enjoy doing anything; including just be sitting in the house watching a movie with Gabriel there making so much noise we can’t even concentrate. We also try as much as possible to go out every weekend since Gabriel really enjoys the outdoors.

Gabriel, enjoy life :)
Gabriel, enjoy life 🙂

My Husband, my Sisters and my Friends

Parenting is never easy, but with a strong support system, one sails through every stage with a lot of ease. There are people who have seen me through it and I am really grateful because without them I don’t know how I would have managed on my own. First my husband! The many nights we have stayed awake taking turns to take care of baby when he had colic or whenever he is sick….and he still wakes up when our son is up and starts crying and helps to soothe him back to sleep.

Second, my sisters. They have helped me so many times, including when my house helps decided to walk out. They never complained but came and stayed with me and helped me to take care of my son for as long as it took for me to get a good house help. I wouldn’t have done it without them.

Then there are my friends who always encourage me by saying that I am the best mother to my child. It makes me happy and proud!


My biggest fear as a mother is something bad happening to my baby. I don’t know what I would do but I always pray to God that He protects him. To every mother, know that you are the best mother to your baby, nobody should tell you otherwise.”

And that’s Diana’s story. If you’d like to share your new motherhood experience, write to me at

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