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8 Top Estates to Put up a Daycare Business in Nairobi


Are you looking to start a daycare business in Nairobi? Have you thought about the location? The cost? City Council requirements? License? Inspection? Insurance? Employees? How much you will charge each child? Safety? Activities for the kids? Furniture? Equipment? Signage? Hours of operation? Advertising? Capital… na kadhalika.

As you ponder about this, let me inform you of the top estates to put up a daycare business in Nairobi. They are (in no particular order):

1. Madaraka/Nairobi West

2. Imara Daima

3. Doonholm

4. Buruburu

5. Kasarani

6. Kilimani

7. Langata

8. Umoja 

This is according to Find a Daycare Kenya, a people that provide very helpful information about daycares in Kenya. Do you agree that these are the best estates in Nairobi to set up a daycare business?


Meanwhile, you can be reading the story of Caroline Wawira Njiru, a former air hostess and mother of two who quit her airline job to start her own daycare in Kitengela. So if you’re planning on starting one yourself, just know that it’s possible, though I would advise you to speak to other entrepreneurs who are in the same business first, as they often have very invaluable insights.

All the best!

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