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8 Important Motherhood Lessons I Learned in 2018

Isabela Samora with her daughter.

Hello friends, Happy New Year! Hope it’s coming along well for you so far. So on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, I recently asked moms this question:

‘What Important Motherhood Lesson did you Learn in 2018 that you’d like to Share with Other Moms?’

I’ll be sharing the responses I got from a few moms, starting with Isabela Samora who is a mom to a five-year-old daughter and currently pregnant with her second born. Isabela actually shared not just one -but eight important lessons she learned! Have a look at them below:

  1. If you need help, ask for it. Don’t try to be superwoman
    2. If you need space from friends, take it. Don’t be there too long though. Take time out, figure things out and live again
    3. Pray for yourself and your family; have a relationship with God
    4. Don’t force friendships and emotions…
    5. Don’t judge other moms
    6. Don’t stop chasing your dreams because you have kids. The dreams might change, but don’t stop chasing something worthwhile.
    7. Don’t live only for your kids or your husband. Love them, give them undivided attention but also live for yourself as a person.
    8. Love yourself just like you give everything to everyone else, give to yourself.
Isabela Samora.

So those are the lessons that Isabela learned. How about you? What important lessons have you learned as a mom that you’d like to share with other moms? You can write me at maryanne@mummytales.com

Thanks for reading and I wish you a blessed year ahead!

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