8.  Find out about her beliefs, her spirituality, and her values. This will help you determine if you’d be willing to accommodate any differences that may be identified.

9.  Ask her about her dreams and aspirations. She may be planning to save and go back to school, saving to start her own business or planning to get married and have her own children. Doing so will also help you know how you can assist her in her future, and also help you have an idea of how long you may have her on the job.

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10.  Ask her if she has ever had any brush with the law, if she has ever been arrested, prosecuted or jailed.

11.  Ask her about her expected remuneration, benefits or allowances and discuss them. It will be good to be on the same page on this critical issue.

12.  Ask her open-ended questions that will help you see how she expresses herself, and will help you gauge her attitude towards an issue. For example, ask her what would happen in case the child falls and begins bleeding while under her watch. Find out what she would do in case the child was misbehaving and refusing to follow her instructions. Ask her how she would pass time during the day when she has free time in between chores.

Helpful Tips

It is always good to conduct the interview in the presence of the children she will be expected to watch over. Observe her attitude towards them and her interaction with them. How does she react to the child’s advances or attempted conversation with her? Does she look attentive and caring, or does she look irritated or bored? Does she attempt to reach out and play with the baby, or does she look distant and disinterested?

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 Remember to take your time to conduct the interview. Prepare for it well, and don’t be in a hurry as you ask her the questions. Have a clear definition of her expected responsibilities and share this with her. Also try to have an open mind, and don’t be too quick to judge. Everybody deserves a fair chance.

After the interview, analyse her responses and list down all the things you liked about her and those that you didn’t. This will help you make a decision. The most important thing though is that however much you may be in need of nanny services, don’t hire someone out of desperation.

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