The police arrested him and together, we went down to the station to record a statement. I also got a restraining order, where he was not to contact me or come anywhere near me until we went to court. At the station, one of the policemen introduced me to a domestic violence counselor who talked to me and gave me all the documents I needed, and who to contact regarding my case.

I was very surprised when the policeman further informed me that my ex had been arrested several times for domestic violence. That was my wake up call. He would never change. I needed to leave. That day, I packed my bags out of the house and left.

Life without him at first was tough and very emotional. But the pain became more bearable when I joined an organization dealing with women survivors of domestic violence. Today, I am strong, and that’s why I’m able to tell my story. Following my experience, I set up Hope for Domestic Violence Society to help others in similar situation. If you or somebody you know is being abused, speak up and save a life. My name is Linah Ododa and I am a survivor of domestic violence.”

And that is Linah’s story. Her story and Valerie’s story both have distinct similarities which you may be able to point out. I believe both their experiences can help you answer the question: “Why doesn’t a woman in an abusive relationships just leave?”  Why is it so difficult for her to just pack her things and leave? As in #WhySheStays 

If you have an intimate partner violence experience to share (you can remain anonymous) that you would like others to learn from, inbox me on Facebook or email me on with your story.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you can call the National Gender Violence Helpline (toll-free) number: 1195, and you will be greatly assisted. By the way I personally called the number and talked to one of the handlers – a counsellor, and he assured me that any individual who calls that number seeking help gets the right kind of assistance. Calling 1195 is free and operates on a 24-hour basis so you can call at anytime, from any part of Kenya. 

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