Grace: My paediatrician had advised me to express some milk during my maternity leave and store it for future use -especially after I returned to work. I did so, and by the time I was returning to work, my son was 4.5 months old and had enough milk to take him through the remaining 1.5 months. I had also taken enough time to train my house girl on how to prepare the breast milk and feed baby when I was away. I also made sure I maximized every opportunity I had to breastfeed my son, as opposed to having him consume what was in stock. I was only away from him when it was absolutely necessary.

Maryanne: Are you also Exclusively Breastfeeding your Younger Son?

Grace: Yes I am, and so far so good. After weaning him, I’ll continue breastfeeding him until he is 2.5 years old, just like I did with his brother.


Maryanne: What Advantages with your Sons would you Attribute to Exclusive Breastfeeding?

Grace: My boys are quite strong, and I attribute it to exclusive breastfeeding. Their immunity was also boosted right from birth. My older son never caught any ailment until he joined school at 3 years. However, this is not the case with the small boy who sometimes gets the flu from his older brother who picks the same from school. The good part of it though is that the younger boy pulls through the flu quite well thanks to exclusive breastfeeding.

I remember the first time the small boy contracted the flu from his brother, I rushed him to the hospital with the hope of getting medication. He had a running nose and was coughing. To my surprise, he was only given nasal drops. I asked the doctor about the cough and she smiled away saying, “It’s viral, let the boy cough away he’ll soon be okay -just continue breastfeeding. Your breast milk is enough medicine”.


Maryanne: What Advice Would you Give to New Moms who are Determined to Exclusively Breastfeed?

Grace: It is very possible to do so as long as there is nothing major standing in the way of her doing so. I learnt of the benefits or exclusive breastfeeding from the paediatrician, and practically see them with my two boys. A lot may be said to a new mum to discourage the practice by either friends or relatives, but I would encourage her to stay firm. The benefits are way worth it. Offer your baby breast milk alone for six months and you will love it!

Maryanne: Thank you Grace for sharing your experience with us.

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