Baby Maya. So cute!
Baby Maya. So cute!

My husband had his own fears and one of it was sitting on the baby so he always begged me not to put the baby on the seat or on our bed afraid he would roll over her. Altogether, it has been an exciting journey full of lessons watching her grow and transform before our eyes. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and I have discovered love and patience like I have never known before.

As a new mother, how do you balance between career and family?

I am currently on a career break to look after the baby. I actually went back to work for only three weeks after my maternity leave, and how I balanced things then was that I always left work a bit early and went home to bond with the baby. My husband also makes sure to get home in good time for his bonding session and we always eat dinner together.

Sophia's husband Evan.
Sophia’s husband Evan.

How do you spend time with family?

We are a family of foodies so we like to try new restaurants and cuisines but since we don’t go out as often since the baby came, most weekends are spent trying out recipes and just relaxing over a nice movie as we bond with our baby girl.

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What advice would you give to women who look forward to motherhood?

Motherhood is a beautiful thing and it’s a God given responsibility so no matter how scary the thought of having a small being solely relying on you is, know that God designed us to be able to handle it and do so with grace. The first few months might feel hard but just remember babies are never babies forever and it only gets better from the word go.


Thank you  Sophie for sharing your story.

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