I was fearful because it had just been 8 months since we lost our little girl. But my husband encouraged me. His prayer to God was to just allow us get to 20 weeks before the pressure set in (medical studies show that when pressure sets in before twenty weeks of pregnancy, chances of the baby surviving are very slim). To our astonishment, the pregnancy was calm. I had no morning sickness other than bloating (which I didn’t mind).

We had supportive friends. They walked with us, prayed with us. One of my friends bought my unborn baby gifts early in the pregnancy. My husband and I had decided we were not buying anything for the baby. We just told ourselves that once God gives us a baby, He will provide what the baby needs. We had bought baby clothes twice before but ended up donating them. We accepted the gifts but kept them where we knew that we didn’t have a chance of accidentally coming across them. We were scared of looking at the clothes lest the old memories came back. Some other friends were expecting at the same time and we would pray for all of them every night that each would leave hospital with their healthy babies. One pregnant friend used to take walks with me, and was a great source of encouragement. She appeared to have no fears, and this made me strong.

Then, worry struck again. At 30 weeks, I wouldn’t feel the baby actively moving (imagined or real, I am not sure). I really cried and told my husband that I was ready to have the baby delivered rather than carry her and risk losing her. He, together with other friends prayed with me and encouraged me. I was visiting my doctor regularly filled with lots of panic but God is faithful. There were many days and nights when I would wake up to find my husband kneeling and praying. He found me doing the same a number of times. We also prayed together as a couple.

On January 19, 2016, our precious daughter, Leilani, was born at Baptist Hospital Miami at nearly 37 weeks. She has been a blessing. I look at her and just see God. God came through miraculously. I thank God for my husband, our family and friends. I encourage any mom currently trusting on God for a baby to keep trusting Him. He will come through.

Baby Leilani, a gift from God.
Baby Leilani, a gift from God.

Why did we choose to share our story?

  • To educate people on Pre-eclampsia and what to look out for
  • To encourage couples who have had miscarriages and/or infant demise to know that they are not alone. And though the pain will always be there, God will help them and there will be good days and bad days.
  • To encourage couples who are trusting God for a baby/babies to know that He will never leave them
  • To encourage husbands to be the pillars that God intended them to be and be supportive of their spouses. My husband did so much to protect me amidst all the pains. He was and still is a reflection of what a husband and father should be. I thank God for him.
  • I learnt that having faith in doctors or hospitals is vanity. Put God first and He will come through irrespective of where you are.
  • Building friendships is important. Be that dependable friend and when you want someone to depend on, they will surely be there.
Mercyline with her daughter Leilani.
Mercyline with her daughter Leilani.
The beautiful couple.
The beautiful couple.

Thank you Mercyline for sharing your story. We pray for God’s continued blessings upon your children and your family. And Happy Birthday Leilani!

If you, just like Mercyline, have an inspiring story and which you would like to share, email me on maryanne@mummytales.com and I’ll be in touch with you.

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