To make it more enjoyable, we go out with friends and family who have or love kids. We do a lot of sleepovers too with family and close friends and on long holidays, we travel to the Coast and spend time with their grandparents.

Sylvia: Who Has Been your Biggest Support System?

Fanne: I believe that any strong woman needs a strong foundation. My greatest and number one support is my sister. Having began this journey ahead of me, I run to her for literary everything. She always makes it look so easy -even when she sometimes has no idea what to do.

My mother and mum-in-law are also very close to me (of course now that I understand motherhood). They are pillars of strength and remind me that I am where they were back in harder times and worse situations… so if they survived, I will too!


Sylvia: Your Greatest Lesson Learnt as a Mom?

Fanne: Being a mom is a lifetime affair. Now I know I don’t have to be perfect; I just need to be alive, available and strong to be one. I have learnt patience, understanding, and most of all to enjoy the little nice things life presents.

Sylvia: Your Parting Shot to Fellow Moms?

Fanne: Motherhood comes with a side package of instincts. As a mum, you will always know when something is wrong or when to act. And don’t worry about failing. It is in our mistakes that we improve. Take each day at a time, be positive, rest and enjoy the experience.

Fanne's babies. Too sweet!
Fanne’s babies. Too sweet!



Sylvia: Thank you Fanne for your time and your encouraging words.

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