Two-girls-AK25. Check-Off System: As a parent, always make sure that your children make it a habit to ask you for permission before stepping out for anything. Remember that often, children’s curiosity makes them wander away – through no fault of their own. Talk to them about people such as balloon vendors and others who hawk toys and other items that entice children, as they tend to become easily lured away by such products.

6. Buddy System: Teach your child about the concept of ‘safety in numbers’. The buddy system helps to pair or cluster children, where they take care of each other. Also remember that predators often target lonely children.

Safety in numbers.
Safety in numbers.

7. Stay Put: When a child gets lost for example in a mall or in the market, they often panic, imagining that their parent has left the area. It is therefore very important to assure your child that in the event they get separated from you, they must stay put within the premises and that you will come back for them.

8. Hold Hands: This is the most basic and simplest tip of all. Hold your child’s hand when out in public.

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So there you go. Hope this information has helped you learn a thing or two. Share it with a fellow parent.

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