4: The Car Seat Usability

Some brands are made specifically for some types of car seats, so it’s always good to first check if the seat you want to buy is compatible with your vehicle. It is also advisable to select a baby car seat that you can use in multiple types of vehicles. Some portable car seats are perfect for air travel.


5: What’s Your Budget?

If you are planning to keep a low budget for the total number of car seats that you want to buy for your infant, then a 3-in-1 convertible car seat is the best option. This will help you avoid buying different seats as the child grows. This car seat technically grows with your baby.

6: Car Seat Portability

It’s best to select a seat that is as light as can be -for instances when you have to move it around -for example when you have to move it from your car to the storage room, or from one car to another. Also check if it it’s easy to fix again.

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