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Why I’ve Never Trimmed my Son’s Fingernails


There is one thing I have never done on Kitty, which I guess most other moms have done.

I have never clipped Kitty’s nails. Not even once. When he was new, his nails were quite long and sharp as a razor. First, he was born with long nails, so that one baffled me a little bit because I didn’t think nails grew in the tummy?

Anyway, seeing as how active his little hands were and how often he scratched his face with those nails (especially because he used to yank off his mittens), I one day attempted to clip them but as I stared at those tiny little nails and the baby nail cutter, I got so nervous that I decided not to. I didn’t want to cut my newborn’s cute little fingers. I was terrified that I would harm him and I would cut into his flesh and then blood would gush out and then we’d have to rush to the A & E department.

Besides, I wondered how exactly I would go about it because I had no idea how I would manage to keep Kitty still long enough to trim all ten fingernails. I decided if I was to trim them, I would do them when he was sound asleep.

Then again I contemplated trimming them with my teeth, but I thought I would bite off part of his skin because I wasn’t sure I’d know where exactly his skin and nail connect, and this too horrified me very much.

Then I went to the store and bought baby nail scissors because ofcourse that would handle the task much easily. But when I got home, the fear that I would cut into his skin overwhelmed me once again so I didn’t do it.

Then I decided I would file them with my nail file, but then I thought that that file looked more like sandpaper on his soft, supple and delicate skin, I feared I would graze my little boy’s pink skin.

mother cut baby nailsAll these very scary thoughts made me really panic so what I did was to hand over the nail trimming issue to his father, who gladly took up the job.

It’s been 16 months and of course, Kitty’s fingernails are much stronger and bigger now and better yet, I can actually force him to hold still, but I’m still very scared of cutting into his skin. I don’t want to harm him for the rest of his life with just one error. I’ve never once trimmed his nails, but all I know is that his nails remain short and well trimmed, thanks to not me :) .




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