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Why I’m Waiting for Ello to Cut His First Tooth on 10 December


So, my second son Ello is 7 months old – just a few days short of turning 8 months. Now, his older brother Kitty cut his first tooth when he was exactly 8 months and 5 days. So what I’m doing is that I’m expecting Ello’s tooth to pop out when he hits 8 months and 5 days too.

Yeah, I know – sometimes I allow myself to wallow in the miasma of my own vanity.

So, Ello will be exactly 8 months and 5 days on December 10, which is next week. And that’s when I’m hoping to see him cut his first tooth.




If the tooth doesn’t pop on that day, isorait because I understand that all babies are different and that they meet their milestones at their own pace (as BabyCenter keeps reminding me).

But meanwhile, I will just sit here twiddling my thumbs and waiting for that December 10th.

I wonder if you too sometimes wallow in the miasma of your own vanity.

And by the way that miasma word- I like using it sometimes so that I can sound intellectual like PLO Lumumba- because I first heard it from him. There goes my vanity again.



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  1. This topic is VERY emotional for me. Mostly because my girlfriends daughter popped a tooth at 5 months n some days… I COULD NOT FATHOM THIS!!! Mind you, she is younger than Boomboom. I dont know what to say… everytime he bites me i go like “Boom, is that a tooth?” So i am with you… WAITING!!!!


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