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Why I Look Forward to Kid’s Birthdays Nowadays


Last Sunday, our cute little niece Wema turned 2. And the following statement is the most cliché statement I ever heard, but I shall not hesitate to use it anyway. “Isn’t it just the other day that Wema was born? You mean 2 years have already passed? How time flies!”

Anyway, Wema’s folks are not ones to let any birthday go uncelebrated. I must confess that I always look forward to hanging out at Mwarikhwa’s (or Muiru or sis-in-law if you like) even when there’s no special occasion because she is always such a wonderful host, and she does know how to throw a good party.

So there we were, engaging in the usual chit chats, having meaningful conversations, sometimes pointless banter and empty rhetoric with family and friends. The buffet food was lovely and I enjoyed it lots. But for me, the party was not gonna be complete until I had had a taste of the birthday cake.

I arrived at the party at around 2pm. And the cake got cut at around 5.30pm. I had been salivating for that cake for a good 3.30 hours. I hope nobody noticed my unease.

And when the cake was FINALLY being cut, there were these anxious faces of many little 2-6 years old all gathered around the cake, salivating and waiting to get a taste of the cake. What they didn’t know was that there was this older (much older I guess) person experiencing the same exact emotions as them, perhaps at a more extreme level. My heart was beating very fast and I tried to contain my excitement.

And as Wema cut the cake –assisted by her mum Mwarikhwa, I was right there in the middle of the mix –lest I missed the action –and singing Happy Birthday dear Wema as though I were auditioning for TPF.

I had long forgotten about birthdays and didn’t care much about them or how they were celebrated. I dint even care much for cake. Until recently when I’ve found myself frequently attending one or another child’s birthday party. Nowadays, I really do look forward to them. Because besides bonding with other moms, I love singing happy birthday and eating cake too!

Life I tell you! Oh well.

Wish you a blessed life Wema.

NB: Incase you missed the post I did about the first birthday I attended as a mom, you can catch it here



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  1. Aaawww mharikwa lolest! Lovely post. Ahsante sana! Next stop, Kitty’s one year birthday! Time is flying, he’s almost there and in your own words, wasn’t it just the the day!?. Blessings upon him as he approaches a major milestone too.

  2. @MissBabes can’t wait for Renee’s waaah! Si I will enjoy how? @Wash thanks, we will definately celebrate Kitty’s first which is fast approaching. Ebu you’ll gimme tips pap!


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