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What’s with the Potatoes? Ello’s Latest Toys


My 15-month old boy Ello has a very interesting habit. Each time he sneaks from your presence, it is very obvious where he has gone to sneak into. You don’t need to mount a thorough search for him, because he is very predicable. There is only one place he is likely to be –his favorite place where he has discovered a new toy. Potatoes! Yaani waru’s! I have NO idea what his obsession with potatoes are. Really, I don’t!

Sometimes he recruits his older brother into his obsession.

For some reason my boys love the kitchen. Remember the time I wrote about how Kitty used to transport the entire kitchen into the sitting room? Oh well, now his brother loves potatoes. Yaani waru’s!

These my boys, I totally love them :) And you? Is there anything your kids do that just totally makes you shake your head in amusement?



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  1. Hilarious! Probably they will become great cooks. Adriel our son has a thing for plastic containers for packing food. He will carry all of them and the lids to the sitting room after ‘ washing them the way mum does’ and the rest wacha tu. Woe unto the sister if she wants to partake in his plastic containers world. World War III ! Yaani if I make pancakes I ve to put in a specific blue plastic lunch box for him to eat otherwise I will have drama.

  2. Too cute 🙂 My Nekesa loves to invade her grannies vegetable stand in her kitchen whenever we visit. She will peel all the onions and garlic then take a bite out of every tomato.


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