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We’re Now at Six Months!


We reached six months last Saturday 5th October yaaay. 🙂 So what I’ve been doing since then is basically honeymooning. I’m proud of baby Ello for being a good little boy and very happy with myself for once again, managing to exclusively breastfeed him – just like I did his older brother Kitty. Let me tell you something, this exclusive breastfeeding thing is not a joke weeeeeh!

I feel really really really proud of myself so I will allow myself to pat myself on my back just a little bit more. Then when I get back, I’ll tell you how the weaning is going.




  1. How time flies…..just the other day you celebrated Ello’s birth.Surely God is great. My daughter is 4 and half months.What a joy and a blessing to see the babies grow every passing day. Looking forward to reading the weaning experience.Cant wait to get there.Meanwhile let me continue with exclusive breastfeeding which just like you said its not easy especially with all the demands on the mothers.


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