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We Get a Visit from a Good Old Friend


Last Saturday I spent the better part of the afternoon with one of my good pals Liz Kanini.

I hadn’t seen Kanini in a minute –actually since Kitty was three weeks old. Though we talk often on phone, it was good to see her again and do all the catching up. She reminded me of the days when I was a young girl, those days when my major worry in life would be why the weekend wasn’t arriving quickly already so that I get to hang out with my pals :) .

Anyway, in the five or so hours that Kanini was with us, she kept wondering why Kitty was restless running all over, touching everything, pulling her earrings, trying to dip his fingers in her hot tea, banging spoons and plates together, me keeping on telling him ‘No, wacha, stop, hapana, come baby come ;) , chafu, moto, woooii, pole toto… basically just how he never seemed to stay still for a moment, and exactly how many kilometers he had covered in those hours. And I laughed.

I laughed because it’s all in a day with Kitty. It’s so normal that I don’t even notice anymore. Running after Kitty is part of a routine I’ve gotten used to, infact I think I was unfairly left out of the Olympics team because my athletic skills have gone up a serious notch higher since Kitty began walking (rather running). But is all good anyway, it keeps me fit (I think?).

So it was lovely hanging out with her and reminiscing good old times (we missed you Martha), talking about life, our futures and the women that we’ve become today, and thanking God for it all.



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