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Vaccinations – more painful for Kitty or for me? Part 1


So Kitty is due for his six-week vaccinations tomorrow. Thinking about this has been giving me nightmares and sleepless nights over the last couple of days. This is because I have heard so many scary stories of the agony infants go through when they receive the chanjo’s.

I am told they scream their lungs out and shed rivers and rivers of tears. I also hear they turn pink-blue from the agony. I am made to understand that they develop a fever too. That the spot in the thigh where they were injected pains for around 4 days. That even changing a diaper, bathing them or oiling them is a nightmare as they scream and throw kicks in the air as though they were a dying horse. Please note that all this is hearsay.

I hope you now understand why I have been having them sleepless nights (eye bugs and sad expression on my face). Ofcouse, you may tell me that I should not be going by hearsay, and that I should not think about the injections in this way. That he will cry for a while yes, but it will pass. That I can help the process by giving him some painkiller syrup around 5 minutes before the injection, and every six hours after that. I definitely intend to do this no doubt, but surely, shouldn’t there be a more powerful drug that would sedate them until the pain clears completely?

And yes, I know that I shouldn’t be thinking about the injections this way, that I should be optimistic. I agree and I have told myself this several times. But then again, do not forget that me, just like you, i’m a human being (and a mother in this case) so sometimes some of these things we know them theoretically but putting them into practice is something else.

Today, I am not in a very upbeat mood. As the youth would say, niko down tu sana. I have been staring at Kitty all day and feeling very sorry for my little boy. I look at his tiny cute face and shudder at the thought of how it will possibly be contorted in pain tomorrow. I look at his little pinkish-brown thigh and I wish I could be injected for him. I wish the medical researchers could develop a simpler and painless way of vaccinating children. Like if there could be a vaccine-laden lollypop that the kids could suck. Or if the mother could receive the injection, then the contents be transferred to the child through breastmilk. I mean, really, shouldn’t science have come up with a less painful way for this in this day and age?

Anyway since this has not yet happened, all I can do for now is continue interceding for Kitty.

In between the sleepless nights, I have actually been wondering – are these injections more painful for the child or are they more painful for the mother?

Otherwise stay tuned to this blog, I will let you know how it went in part 2 of this post.

*Goes back to holding head in hands, staring at Kitty and wiping a dropping tear off my face*




  1. I know that feeling, i remember we made sure we had panadol syrup in the house, gave them 20 minutes before we went for the injections. i kept asking….is it normally painful over n over. so i decided to wait for the moment. one of my daughters cried soo much, my tears were on the verge of dropping then i just thought to myself…who will comfort her if i also start crying so i grew strong n zoead. it pains but not for 4 days…just a day n night. the best thing is to take him early morning so u observe him the whole day then by night he has recovered kiasi. relax all will be well, just be there to hold him n comfort him n give him nyonyo immediately

  2. Sweetheart don worry with technology advancing, there are baby friendly vaccinations that don’t have the crazy side effects and this worked well 4 me in 2009. ask your doctor about it…your headavhes and worries will be gone.kiss kitty 4 me


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