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Trying to Live Right by God. Is Chastity Really Possible?


Life, for a person who is all about living a Godly life can be hard sometimes. Especially when it comes to issues of sex. Many women find themselves struggling with issues of abstinence, purity, fidelity and what exactly God expects of them, and how to abide by those expectations.

Tomorrow, at the All Saints Cathedral Church, there will be an event – My Heart Scripted open day, where women will be having conversations about sexual purity -and if this is really attainable.

Beautiful Ambassadors of Purity & Purpose
Beautiful Ambassadors of Purity & Purpose

My Heart Scripted basically engages women – young, old, single, married, those whose in ‘it’s complicated’ relationships, those who don’t know what’s happening in their lives… engaging them in bold and open conversations on this sensitive topic that honestly challenges many women on a daily basis, especially those who are grounded in their faith.

The event will have some beautiful ladies -Ambassadors of Purity –who have made deliberate decisions to be chaste. These ladies will share about how, why and when they decide to walk  that path. I believe this is an event worth attending. Make time if you can, and share this information that one lady friend who you know would definitely benefit from such a conversation.


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