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Those Kids who Can’t Keep Still at Clinic Receptions, What Is?


Gertrudes Nairobi West has for a large part been the first-stop hospital for my boys. I like it’s proximity, the ambiance, I don’t queue for long and most of all, I like the attitude of the staff there.

The nurses there –specifically Eva and Rose have practically seen my babies grow. They know them so well. I first went there when Kitty was six weeks old, for his 6 week jab (I wrote that experience here –how his father and I had taken him for vaccination at 4.30pm, kumbe we had no idea vaccinations are usually given before 1pm!).

All of Kitty’s other immunizations have been there, and I have repeated the same with Ello. Most of the times when the boys have been unwell and in need of outpatient care, it is where I take them. The nurses love my babies. I really like the service there and I guess that’s what keeps me going back.

Anyways, when Kitty was small when I used to take him to the well-baby clinic for his jabs –the days when I just used to hold him in my arms as we wait for our turn, there used to be parents with older kids waiting alongside us.

Those kids used to run around, chasing each other, jumping, playing, hollering and doing everything else BUT keep still. Especially the boys. As I held my sweet little Kitty in my arms, I used to give the mothers of those boys the side eye, those ones of ‘your child is kaodo hyper…si you tell them to just chill…’


Nowadays, my Kitty is THAT child.

Just before he closed school the other day, I took him for his vitamin A supplement (I always ensure he gets this every six months) together with the weighing and height checks. That day, I did not find the usual queue, actually we found only one client inside so it was just Kitty and I in the waiting bay.

As we were awaiting our turn, Kitty was doing everything else BUT keeping still. This is how it went down.

As I watched him jump, run around, hop and engage in all sorts of mobility, I just smiled with myself. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black SMH.

I told myself that if there were other parents around –especially first time mothers holding their sweet little babies in their arms, they would probably have been giving me the side eye those ones of ‘your child is kaodo hyper…si you tell them to just chill..’.

And me I would have been similarly giving them the side eye of ‘don’t you judge..your day too is coming’.

Motherhood. The things we learn along the way.




  1. Wacha tu Mary Anne! Boys are known for that. Apparently Adriel is usually unusually calm at the doctor’s. But wacha It comes to shopping in the supermarket….. God knows at times I ask for the earth to open up and swallow me. The looks I get……. It’s called growing up and liking it for the kids.

  2. I don’t think it’s natural for boys/men to stay still. How about we have waiting rooms for boys that are filled with toys and space for them to just be who they really are. Heard about a college the US that in an experiment, has created classrooms for guys where they are taught differently, are allowed to move around and that kind of thing. And its going well apparently cuz they have been performing better at school. Mwanaume ni ku-fidget.


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