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There is Support Available for Women and Men Facing Infertility: Waiting Wombs Trust (Kenya)

Editah Trip with her husband Ken, founders of Waiting Womb Trust.

Hi, hope your midweek is good. So, I’ve written about issues of infertility here before, and also covered deep, touching and emotional stories of women who desire to bear children of their own, and are still waiting to become moms someday.

There are many such women (and couples) all around us, in our society, and I believe that the more we talk about it, the more they will receive the help they need, and the more we will continue being less stigmatizing and discriminatory in the things we say and the things we do.

It is also such a great thing to know that there are support groups for women and couples facing infertility challenges, and one group that I know of is Waiting Wombs Trust, founded by Editah, whose story I wrote about here. In a nutshell, is a support group open to both women and men who are facing fertility challenges.

So now, this coming Saturday 24 February 2018, Waiting Wombs Trust will hold an engaging session in Mombasa County, where among the issues to be discussed will include: adoption, fertility challenges, and how to stay sane while waiting.

There will be a fertility specialist who will answer all manner of questions. There will also be an adoption ambassador to guide participants through the process. It will be a space for open, candid conversations. Plan to attend, or if you know of a friend, colleague, sister, brother, cousin, neighbor… who would benefit from this forum, please share this information with them. 

For more information, text Waiting Wombs on 0723 144 000 or email: info@waitingwombstrust.org for more details.

Meanwhile, you can read the story of the founder of Waiting Wombs trust, Editah via the link below:

“Why are you Wasting your Husband?” Editah Trip Talks about her 7 Year Journey of Trying to Conceive

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