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The New Baby is Here…It’s a Baby Boy!


I’m back! 🙂 🙂

As you may have noticed, I’ve been away from my blog for a while. Reason being, I’d gone to ‘download’. Kitty is now a big brother, his little brother baby Ello having arrived on Friday 5 April 2013.

It’s been a whirlwind three weeks I tell you, I’d almost forgotten the rigors of being a new mom. But I’m gradually adjusting and enjoying every moment of being a mother of two – a newborn and a two year old (terrible two???). Specifically enjoying every moment of being a mom of two little boys. And ofcourse, thanking God every moment for his blessings.

I hope to resume normal blogging now and putting up posts like I used to before I went to download. For starters, I have been requested to put up a post about the birth story of baby Ello, and I will oblige in my next post so stay tuned.

UPDATE: Here is Ello’s Birth Story.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.



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Maryanne W. Waweru is a Kenyan mum raising her two sons in Nairobi. A journalist, Maryanne is passionate about telling stories and hopes that through her writing, her readers learn something new, feel encouraged, inspired, and appreciative of what they have in their lives. Maryanne's writing focuses on motherhood, women and lifestyle. "Telling stories is the only thing I know how to do," she says.


  1. Congrats Maryanne!!! He is too cute!! and where do you get these beautiful beautiful names from? don’t i envy you

  2. Mary Anne !!! That fast? congrats are in order. Am seriously jealous of you.I am doing my home stretch and its not my cup of tea.Will offload like in 4 weeks.Your newborn is adorable please keep him for my coming soon daughter ( God willing).Apparently i don’t scan for gender. By the way i have voted for your blog.Who knows where i can get a reliable house girl they have been slippery now that there are prospects of the family becoming big

  3. Congrats Maryanne… What an adorable baby.
    I love reading your blog. You make motherhood seem like its so much joy and easy. However for now, getting a baby is my vision 2015.


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