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The Magic Mug that Keeps Kitty With Me all Day Long


When I resumed work last week after the Christmas break, on the first day, I was very homesick. I was homesick because I missed Kitty terribly. I’d spent the better part of my entire December with him, hardly ever being apart.

So when I returned back to the office, I missed him loads.

And I wondered how best I could pass the day away from him, while still doing business as usual. I contemplated putting up a framed photo of him on my desk, or sticking his photo on my wall. So that I can look at him all day and occasionally, when my colleagues aren’t looking, I make funny sounds and faces at him and pinch his coochy coochy cheeks –just like I do back at home.

But then as I was thinking of doing so, I thinked something else. How about carrying my favorite mug to the office? Seeing as I drink loads and loads of tea by the hour while at work, why not bring along the mug that would keep me in touch with him –literally, all day long?

Well, my favorite mug is not just an ordinary mug. It’s a special one because it has Kitty’s image imprinted on it.

When it’s sitting idle, it’s plain navy blue in color, with Kitty’s image visible from afar.

Now, as you pour hot liquid into it, the plain navy blue color begins transforming into an ivory shade, and with it Kitty’s image slowly coming to life. I totally love that moment!


For as long as the tea remains hot, so does the image of Kitty remain crystal clear on the mug.



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  1. Thanx Maryanne,

    Cups come in Blue or Red… the magic is more realistic on the blue mug because it hides the image more than the red. Its 1k per cup, free delivery to Town. If you are interested, send me an email on kamimunderu@gmail.com with your desired image.

    Takes one working day! 🙂

  2. I love love love this cup!!! Will contact Kami soonest! However, I don’t do tea or hot beverages much…but hubby does and he’ll cry when he first sees this cup 🙂 Very good!! Thanks Maryanne!! Lakini….very curious to know, how exactly does this colour-changing thing work now?? the material used ama what??

  3. @Emma I’m sure hubby will be delighted so go for it! Lemme know how it goes. As for the color changing thing, I have no idea how it works, but the whole process is what’s interesting. Cheers.


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