Robert with his sons. Arthur is on the left.
Robert with his sons. Arthur is on the left.

When we got to the casualty, I don’t quite remember the events that happened next because everything was unfolding too fast. All I recall is the doctors taking my son, doing their thing and in no time, I heard my son’s cries. Unbelievable! It was such an emotional moment for me. I was so relieved, happy and so grateful.

Meanwhile, as all this was going on, I had not told my wife anything. I didn’t want to alarm her.  After the quick action of the doctors, I still didn’t tell her anything. I wanted Arthur to return to ‘normal’ first. When we eventually got home and broke the news to her, she almost collapsed in shock. I remember the confused look she had on her face. She was nevertheless full of thanks and praise to God.

Anytime I remember that incident, I still get the chills and I feel shivers going down my spine. It was terrible.

Since that day, I became overly cautious about the safety of my sons (I now have two). I always want to make sure there are no hazards close to my children, and check on them frequently.-END.

And that is Robert’s story. Quite chilling. Glad it all ended well. Robert’s story has actually taken me back to The Day I Lost my Son in a Shopping Mall weeeeh!

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