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The Art of Fun: an Art Event of Kids

Photo credit: Dreamstime

Hello friends, what activities are you engaging your children in over the holidays? I know of one art event happening tomorrow that will definitely be of interest to you and your kids.

It’s an event by the Buni Creative Club and will give your children the opportunity to have lots of fun and interaction with their peers while painting, drawing, coloring, creating interesting stuff with their hands (that will help them explore the creative side of their brain).

Me I’m always on the hunt for art / nature / museum / storytelling kind of activities for my boys (aged 6 and 8 years) and they love them so much. I love the creativity and excitement that bursts forth from them during and after such events.

In case you missed it, you can have a look at our experience at the Snake Park at the Nairobi National Museum in this video below. Thanks for reading 🙂




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