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Spending Time in Our Rural Home in Kakamega + How to Download Series and Movies for Long Holiday Journeys


Hi friends, how are your holidays coming along? Doing some traveling? Now, every year, my family and I always travel down to our rural home in Kakamega, Western Kenya. We did that last week, and it was a blast as usual.

My boys got to experience the farm life; feeding the cows, grazing the goats and sheep, chasing the chicken, waddling with the ducks and lots more.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I, on the other hand, also got some good rest and recreation by just chilling and passing time watching movies and series on my phone, as well as reading a novel. Thankfully the boys are bigger now (5 and 7 years) so I literally can afford that R & R as they busy themselves with the animals on the farm together with their cousins.

I love crime drama and this is one of the shows that kept me glued.

When not on the farm – usually in the evening, the kids would also catch up on some shows either on my tablet or phone as there are very many interesting shows for them. Thankfully, before we left, I’d downloaded several of them on Showmax and saved them on my devices, hence how we were able to watch the shows without any hitch while in the village ?.

Downloaded and saved episodes of Wild Kratts on my android smartphone – which my boys love watching.

I love downloading shows before going on travel for two main reasons:

  • It adds excitement on the long road trips (Kakamega is usually and 8-hour journey), and you know how such journeys can be with kids
  • We can still get to watch our favorite shows while in the village where there’s no reliable internet connection
  • It helps me know that my kids are watching content that I approve of
We always stop by this roadside market while traveling from Kakamega to Nairobi to buy these fresh goodies from the mama’s there. In other news, how do I love waru’s? It’s like an addiction I have 🙂

Today, I want to take you briefly through how you too can download movies and series on your phone and/or tablet, then watch them during your long road trip, flight, or in the village, where internet collection is a challenge.

  1. Go to showmax.com and sign up or sign in
  2. Download the Showmax app on your phone or tablet for either android or iOS
  3. Open the Showmax app and select the movie or series’ episodes that you want to watch during your long journey, while in the village, or anytime you’re offline
  4. Click on the download button – which you will find on the right side of the title of the episode. It is represented by an icon of a cloud with an arrow pointing downwards. Click on that.
  5. You’ll get a menu with download quality options to choose from: low quality, standard quality, good quality and high quality. To use as little data and as little space as possible, select low or standard quality, especially if you’re downloading cartoons for your kids, or anything you plan to watch on your smartphone screen.
  6. The show will start downloading immediately.
  7. Once complete, you can enjoy watching your show offline.

Note that you’ll need to download your shows while you still have access to wi-fi -that is before you embark on your journey. There’s plenty of fun kids shows to choose from: from Spiderman, LEGO, Avengers, Barbie, Peppa Pig, Teletubbies, Smurfs and much more.

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Other points to note:

  • There’s an offer right now of Sh250 only if you pay via MPESA, and you get access to over 35,000 shows. You can get it via this link: Showmax.com/mpesa.
  • You can be able to download 25 different episodes or movies at a time. To download more than 25, you’ll need to delete some of the ones you’d previously downloaded to create space. The storage space on your device will also determine how many episodes or movies you can download. If you have little space, you may not be able to download 25 of them.
  • Once you’ve started watching an episode or movie you’ve downloaded, you have the next 48 hours to finish watching it.

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So there you are. If planning on traveling soon, try out Showmax for those times you and the kids just want to chill. Happy viewing and thanks for reading!

*This post is published in partnership with Showmax.




  1. Thank you for showing me how to download….my weekend is officially sorted! downloading movies from the office to watch at home later!


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