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So I’m Back to Work: The Week That Was


Today’s post will be brief. Because I don’t have that much to say. I had thought I would have so much to rant and rave about today’s topic, but here I am, with just a few words. And that’s a rare for me.

So, I eventually returned to work last week Monday. How did it go? How did I cope being away from Kitty for approx 8.5 hours each day? The separation anxiety of it all?

Well, surprisingly, it went quite well.

Being away from him all day long turned out not to be as stressful as I had imagined it to be. Maybe it’s because I had gotten used to leaving him for a couple of hours every weekend since he was 9 weeks old. Maybe it’s because I had already over-stressed myself in the weeks before resuming work, such that there was no more space in me to be stressed. Maybe it’s because I had mentally prepared myself well for the separation. Maybe it’s because I had too much on my desk that kept me quite busy all day long. Maybe it’s because I have a good Auntie who keeps my nerves calm.

Whatever it is, I must proudly say that I handled the 8am-5pm thing quite well. Yes ofcourse, I did miss him terribly all day long, but not enough to make me fret, eat my heart out, shed secret tears at my desk, call Anutie every three minutes, pull my hairs out, complain about it to my colleagues, or contemplate resigning to be home all day with him. I don’t know whether that’s normal.

So this is the start of week two, and I feel no different from last week. I’m still handling it quite well. Last week turned out great, so I’m assuming this and all coming weeks and years will be the same.

So how did Kitty handle the separation?

Quite well too. Auntie tells me that he behaved himself well, that they just chilled, fed, relaxed, fed, watched telly (he loves that a lot) played, fed and continued with life as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. He didn’t stress her at all.

And when I returned home in the evening, mummy and baby were all too happy being reunited, smiling and hugging each other quite excitedly. Actions that continued until the next morning when I had to leave again.

Oh well, that’s why I said I didn’t have much to write about today. Because my return to work and missing Kitty all-day-long affair went unexpectedly well. And that’s a good thing. I had expected to type and type and type until my fingers hurt. But nothing. Quite the opposite acshuarray.

A very refreshing feeling I must say.




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