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School Tales: Why I Miss Kitty’s Ever First School Teacher :(


So this has been Kitty’s third week of school at Kindergarten level 2 (KG2) -which I guess is just a fancy way of saying nursery.

He moved together with all his classmates from his previous class at KG1, so it’s not a totally completely new experience for him. Aside from the physical address that changed, the only other major change is that he has a new teacher. Kitty likes his new teacher and the two teaching assistants.

And by the way we are now doing homework! As in my little boy comes home with homework! Kweli we have grown. He comes home with English homework and Maths homework. English homework has so far been copying down letters a, b, c, d and e. Maths homework has been copying down letters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Never imagined this day would ever arrive, but here we are. The boy whose journey I began blogging about when he was still in my tummy is now bringing homework home. This is too cool. #grateful


Anyway, since he joined his new class, I haven’t noticed anything different about him, his life is going on pretty much well just like it was last year.

If only I could say the same of myself :( .I miss Kitty’s KG1 teacher. Like for real. Her name was teacher Winnie and I was really fond of her. I liked teacher Winnie alot and I was sad to hear that he would not be moving with her class to KG2 (as if my primary school teachers used to move with me to the next class smh).

For some reason, I was really attached to teacher Winnie. Kitty joined KG1 when he was just three months shy of turning 3 years old.

When I first met teacher Winnie, she assured me that my boy would be fine under her care. Ofcourse I had no choice but to believe her every word and trust in her competency. One year later, thank God teacher Winnie did not disappoint me. Teacher Winnie was more than good not only to my boy, but to the rest of his classmates.

I punctually pick Kitty up from school at 3.30pm and each day as I did so last year, I would have a brief chit chat with teacher Winnie -sometimes just a wave of hello would do. Teacher Winnie was always warm as she briefed me about Kitty’s day and the exciting things he did. When he had a dull day she would also tell me about it and was quick to alert me incase he was coming down with something.

It always made my heart melt when I saw a happy Kitty dash to receive me when I knocked on the class door to pick him up. Seeing him all jolly meant that he’d had a good day at school. And that made me know that he’d been well taken care of by his teachers.

Indeed, teacher Winnie did a fine job taking care of my boy in his first year of school and her memories will forever be etched in my heart.

Since schools reopened this term, I have been dropping by Kitty’s old class in KG1 occasionally just to say hi to teacher Winnie. Because I miss her. I think I was more attached to her than Kitty was!:oI know…maybe I sound too mushy-mushy but if you knew teacher Winnie, then you would understand. You too would be mushy-mushy.

Kitty’s new KG2 teacher is good by the way. I’ve had my interaction with her and I have no doubt she is just as good as teacher Winnie.

But that doesn’t make me miss teacher Winnie any less.

I know I need to accept and move on from teacher Winnie. And I will. I just need to give myself sometime and I’ll get through it. (I think I’m beginning to sound like a jilted lover).

Anyone else sailing in the same boat? Or who experienced something similar with their child’s first teacher?




  1. Just been reading this and am laughing..First things first: Kitty is not studying letters…He is studying sounds…Welcome to the world of Phonetics…My three were taught by the same teachers in baby and Nursery classes..They were beautiful inside out.I loved them because they loved my girls..The Nursery teacher was my friend..I made sure she understood that my kids were her number one priority..She gave them a good foundation.We are now in different schools..I am yet to interact with their new teachers..I miss the old ones though..But I was well prepared for the transition.

  2. I took my baby girl for the first time to school last week and am telling you it was not easy for me,l cried the whole morning as l dressed her in uniform and as l dropped her in school my heart sunk but l thank the teacher who took her in and was very reassuring to me that she will be well, l intentionally did not go to work the whole day and by noon on the dot l was at the gate ready to pick her and mind you the first person at the gate anxious to know how she had faired the whole day,l was so exited when l searched for her and there she was looking all bored and tired of the days activities.We walked home chatting the whole way of the days events in school,Being a mum takes heart and pride and we need to learn to let go because sooner or later they will leave our homes to start their own but before we get there let me take each and every step to savour the sweet moments of mother hood

    • LOL Caroline I feel you! That is such an exciting experience. Your experience actually reminds me of how our parents feel the day they release their children to another home in marriage. I remember my mom tearing when she released me into the hands of my new mom on my wedding day. It was such an emotional moment -for me too. Anyway, one week on, how are you and baby girl fairing on?


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