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School Tales: Kitty’s Obsession with an Eraser


This term has been the term when Kitty has been introduced to homework. And I have been re-introduced to erasers (rubbers) –having left them decades ago when I was in lower primary.

Now, before he starts doing his homework, Kitty must have an eraser next to him otherwise that homework will not be doable. Then when he starts copying down his homework, the eraser goes into overdrive –rubbing almost everything he jots down. For some reason, Kitty feels the urge to rub anything he writes –even when there is clearly no need for him to do so.

When he jots down anything -even a dot, he quickly takes out the rubber and krrr krrr krrrr krrrr he rubs it.

Then he starts writing again. No sooner has he put pencil to paper than he grabs the rubber again.

Krrr krrrr krrrrr krrrrr….

And by the way Kitty doesn’t rub gently. Noooo, he goes so hard at it, with the same energy as someone making obusuma to be served with tsimboka.

He writes something, he rubs it.

Krrrr krrrr krrrr Kitty goes on and on while copying down his sounds and numbers.

Let me tell you by the time Kitty is through with his homework, the page has gaping holes from all the rubbing.

And not only does the page get gaping holes, but because the rubber is orange in color, the page also gets peppered with so many orange marks!

Then another day, he had not washed his hands before he began doing homework. When I looked at the page, lo and behold! It was filled with dirty hand prints, gaping holes and orange rubber marks. Surely. It looked like an art book.

Lesson learnt -get Kitty to wash his hands first before starting his homework.

So what I do nowadays is I keep the eraser when he is doing his homework. I monitor his use of the eraser because surely, he can’t keep rubbing every single thing he writes! Naturally, he has not been happy with this because he believes that homework cannot be done without the constant krrrr krrrr krrrr. I am trying to convince him otherwise.

Kitty’s fascination with the eraser is beyond me.

So, is it just me who is dealing with this eraser issue, or are your kindergarten children dealing with it too?




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