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“Remembering the Moment I Became a Father for the First Time” -a Kenyan Dad Shares


Robert works in an advertising agency in Kigali, Rwanda where he has been based since 2012. He specializes in brand development, graphic design and advertising campaigns. 28 year-old Robert also has a passion for young people and relationships. He occasionally gives motivational and inspirational talks to youth in churches and schools.

Robert has been married to Lucy Wambui, also 28, since 2009 and together they have two sons; Arthur, 5, and Fabrice, 2. Robert’s young family lives in Nairobi. Robert is passionate about parenting and today, he tells us about the first time he became a dad.

“At exactly 1:37 am on the night of 7 May 2010, I woke up to several missed calls on my phone. Interestingly, it is the one call that I had stayed up waiting for for the better part of the night, but yet when it finally came through, it found that sleep had caught up with me! The missed calls were from my wife. As I rubbed my eyes, I saw I had a message, which was also from my wife. It read:

‘Wake up sleepy head, you are a father to a bouncing baby boy!’

The excitement that followed is hard to narrate. I was overjoyed as I jumped all over as if I had won a lottery. For the first time, I was officially a father. I called some of my close family members to share the good news, only for them to joyfully tell me they already knew! Turns out that my wife, having failed to reach me, had called them and shared the good news with them.

The pregnancy though had not been easy for my wife. She had had a difficult pregnancy and we were not sure that she would carry it to term.

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  1. Always nice hearing from the fathers. A lot of guys are at first freaked out at the thought of becoming fathers. And then a lot of others are at once over the moon about it.

  2. […] Last we heard from 29 year-old Robert Wambugu, he was telling us about the excitement he had on the first day he became a father, and how he jumped all over as though he’d won the lottery, to how he prepared porridge for his wife and took it to her in hospital (how sweet!). You can catch up with Robert’s article here: Remembering the Day I Became a Father for the First Time. […]


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