Pregnant Again!

Our prayers were answered in July 2016 when I finally conceived!

I started going for my antenatal clinics immediately I discovered that I was pregnant. I was so happy! In the first trimester, I experienced some discomfort but as the pregnancy progressed, I got to enjoy it.

However, I was to panic when, in my second trimester, I went for a scan to check the sex of the baby. It showed that I had a low lying placenta.

Thankfully, the medics reassured me that in most cases, the condition changes when the baby moves. I was positive that things would turn out for the better. I was also told that in the case baby didn’t change position, it would be necessary for me to undergo a caeserean section to avoid complications for me and the baby.

I was booked for two more scans before delivery to check the position of the placenta. Both scans showed good positions. I was very optimistic that now I would have a normal delivery which was always my prayer.

Bleeding in Pregnancy

42 weeks into the pregnancy, I waited for labour but nothing happened. I then went to the hospital and was booked for an induction to trigger labour that same week.

Fortunately, I felt some signs and knew that labour had started. I had gone to the washroom only to feel some blood flow. I immediately went to the hospital, where the doctor said I was 2cm dilated. However, blood was a dangerous sign.

That was one of the scariest moments of my life. I didn’t know whether to cry, pray or run away. But something had to be done. I had to undergo an emergency caesarean section.

Thank God the doctors managed to save the baby and in good time. My baby boy weighed 3.6kgs and was in perfect health. The fact that I had undergone a CS was not easy for me, especially the healing part, but God saw me through.

Being a Mom

My children mean a lot to me. Though the age difference between them is wide, their bond is very strong. My daughter loves and adores her little brother.

Sister and brother 🙂

As for my daughter, I sat down with her and told her that due to some unavoidable circumstances, her biological father and I would not be living together. I however made her understand that he is still her father and in future, when she is of the right age, they will re-unite.

Thankfully too, her relationship with her step-dad is very good bearing in mind that she knows who her biological dad is. Her step-dad treats he like his own child and I’m glad that they get along very well.

To other women who are trying to conceive, who are waiting wombs, I urge you to never give up. Put your trust in God and surround yourself with people who encourage rather than mock you. Above all, seek medical help even as you wait for God’s time.”

Thank you Regina for sharing your encouraging story. May God bless you and your family.

If, just like Regina, you have a story that you believe would encourage another woman, email me on and I’ll be in touch.

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