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Reasons Why I Always Find out the Sex of my Babies


So how have I been? Good. Pregnancy is progressing well, no issues at all. I’m now at 27 weeks, which is around 6 and a half months.

So, have I found out the sex of my baby? But ofcourse!!!!! We (Baba Kitty and I) found out the sex of the baby at week 21. We happen to be ardent members of #TeamImpatient, as we are always eager to find out the sex of our babies at the earliest possible time. We would have done it at week 19, but he had traveled during both weeks 19 & 20, so as soon as he landed back, we were there knocking at the radiologists’ door, ready to find out what we were carrying. For Kitty, we found out at week 20. We never waste time on such matters.

So anyway, why is it that I am always eager to find out the sex early rather than wait for the surprise at birth?

For starters, life changes for me when I find out the sex. Suddenly, and refreshingly, my baby develops a whole new personality as I give toto a name and I begin referring to the little being as such. It feels so good that I can from then henceforth refer to baby by name, and not just by an ambiguous ‘toto’. The best moments are when I call toto by name as I rub my stomach and dream big dreams about their future. I begin seeing toto in those nice baby clothes and imagining – from the kicks – what kind of character it will have, and how toto will be so good in both academics and extra-curricular activities :) . In a smooth transition, it just becomes easier to incorporate toto into my life and into the system that is my family. I always feel so much closer to my babies once I find out their sex – a kind of bond that I can’t describe in words.

Secondly, knowing the sex of the baby helps me plan well. Budget wise that is. Finding out the sex of Kitty enabled me to buy stuff in all things blue with a few sprinklings of neutral colors. It was so much easier to shop for him and get the right things in the right colors. The same has applied to this baby. I’ve already bought enough stuff so far, I just have a few more left which I can do so pole pole tu. Life is so much easier this way you know!

Thirdly, it helps keep me sane for the rest of the pregnancy journey. I don’t think I can hang on until week 40 ati to know the sex of my baby. To be honest my curiosity cannot be sustained that long. And neither can Baba Kitty’s. Curiosity killed the cat? Naaaah, that cat died long ago. Even though I like ‘good’ surprises, some surprises take too long to come and I’d rather go fetch them than wait for them to come to me. I would rather burst the bubble of the surprise at 20 or-so weeks than wait any longer. Besides, si a surprise is still a surprise – whether at 20 weeks or at 40 weeks? Ama there’s a difference?

And no, we never tell what we’re having. We prefer to keep it to ourselves and bond with our little baby for those 20 or-so weeks until when the rest of the world can know. If you really want to know though, ask Kitty – he loves calling his little sibling by name as he rubs my tummy and places his head on it, calling out to toto and having a chat with baby. I never understand what he tells his little sibling, but I guess toto totally gets it! Kitty is just as anxious and excited to meet his little sibling as we are. I often wonder what kind of big brother he’ll be. Over-protective? A bully? Jealous?

And what about you? Do you prefer to wait or are you in #TeamImpatient like me?



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  1. #teamveryimpatient … imagine my disappointment when at week 19 the doc didn’t see anything in terms of sex…. My Renee and I left that office very disappointed people. I on the other hand don’t mind sharing the sex… i have never been known to keep such stuff to myself. And ION, why does this post sound like u r on baby numbah 13?? Ati ‘we are always eager to find out the sex of our babies’ hahaha…

    p.s love the new mummy tales look

  2. Hahaha Miss Babes you have died me! Ati I sound like I’m on baby number 13 :). Yenyewe it feels so, motherhood is such a journey I feel like I’ve been on it for years! And you how’s your pregnancy going? You’re in week what now?

  3. Jana i was shocked to find out i am week 25… ala!! Its going well but this person just kicks all the time… i have a stitch from being boxed aki. Otherwise if the boxing doesn’t finish me, it will be heartburn that will win!!! I look at a carbohydrate i get heartburn…. its that bad!!

    And u, did u stop OD’ing on maalox?? hahaha

  4. This my person also kicks all the time, mpaka I was wondering at what point do they sleep? Coz it appears every minute is kicking time :). And me aki what will finish me is this heat! I wake up in the morning and look outside the window, see the sun and already start perspiring like crazy. So many errands that I have to run just keep getting postponed coz that heat aki it’s from another world!

  5. Am totally with you on this, how do people wait until 40 weeks without knowing the sex of their baby??????? I wanted to know mine i think from the time i found out i was expectant. To my shock i was told am expecting twins, it was such a shock that i dint even want to know the sex by that time. But few weeks down the line i went for a 3D scan and i saw my babies.Omg, that was the highlight of my pregnancy why lie.

  6. @Sonnie did you say twins?? I guess I would have been just as shocked! But I guess after the shock sinks in you adjust. Wow! How’re the twins doing otherwise?

  7. @Maryanne, i think i am on the same boat with you.. i am 28 weeks with twins. I think i am in the extremely impatient category.. i did the gender scan at 16 weeks!!! lol :-))

  8. @Christine congrats with twins! 28 weeks I see our babies will be born around the same time .16 weeks lol 🙂 okay you take the cake, I didn’t even know you can do it before 19 weeks. How’s the journey going for you so far?

  9. @Maryanne, the journey has been OK. Of course the first 4 months were horrible.. the puking.. nausea .. and also mine was categorized as high risk because of spotting. But that’s all over now. I am fine now. But has added 13 kilos thus far!!! I feel like an elephant. I did my first class of prenatal yoga this week… it was nice but my suffering from body-aches. I suppose since i haven’t had much physical activity in a while. I am sure by next week I’ll be fine. 🙂

  10. Wow…congrats to all the expectant moms 🙂 Miss Babes, Sonnie & Christine. Mimi ni member of #TeamPatient…lol. I have never had any interest in finding out the sex of any of my babies (5 total). I just love the surprise at the end! After all how often does someone get a surprise that’s totally out of ones control???

  11. @Christine I hear MP Shah hospital does 3D scans, you could call them first and enquire though.
    @Mama Azizi you’re a ninja!!! 5 times and you waited till the end to find out? You truly are patient, kudos.


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