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Potty Training and the Gospel Song Asusu by DK Kwenye Beat


Soooooo we’re still potty training. Yep, I refer to it as an ongoing project. Interestingly, what I have heard from fellow moms, is that training boys and training girls is very different (especially for moms who have both). That while girls grasp the whole concept rather easily, for boys well…let’s just say it’s a continuous ongoing dragging project that calls for lots of patience.

While Kitty has grasped the whole idea of bathroom breaks, he nevertheless still needs to keep being reminded to actually take them. Especially when he’s engrossed in something – like watching cartoons or playing angry birds/sonic/temple run, because he completely forgets to do so.

Now, how I usually cue him is by telling him: “Kitty, susu” and as he makes his way to the potty/bathroom, he goes singing ‘asusu asusu yoyoyoyo asusu weee Mungu yuko…asusu asusu weee usilie asusu yoyoyoyo’. Ohhhh my little young man :) . Fills my heart with so much joy. Asusu is that popular gospel song by musician DK Kwenye Beat, and Kitty totally loves it. Now he associates it with potty business :) .

But on a serious note, what does asusu mean anyway?



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  1. Happy new year… hope keeping well.I have been looking out for Kitty’s first day in school.You have made so much progress with potty training.My son refused to use the potty so we are trying the trainers seat hoping it will work.Been encouraged by a number of mothers that they will get the concept faster once in school and they see other kids doing it.

  2. Hi Lucy! Kitty starts school next week -I think its one of the few schools that had a late opening day :). About potty, I’m not too worried as I’ve also heard that once they check into school and see all other kids not using a potty and not wetting themselves but doing business in the loo, then he’ll ‘get it’. Imagine don’t be discouraged, one day your son will shock you kabisa. So just hang in there… Will keep you posted on day 1 of school. Si I’m so excited wololo!!


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