Parents of Battered Langata Pregnant Woman Clash Over Money


There is a video that went viral this week of a 22 year-old pregnant woman being battered by her husband for allegedly questioning him on why a stranger he had brought to their house was taking photos of various household items.

The woman, Justa Kawira, who is mother of a three year-old, was battered in full view of neighbors, who, from the video, did not come to her assistance. She was battered to the point of unconsciousness, and was later admitted to a hospital in Langata, Nairobi. Turns out that this wasn’t the first time she was being battered by the man. It has been happening for the last three or four years, and in fact, Justa says that last year her husband beat her up until she lost a pregnancy.

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After this recent incident, Justa’s husband was arrested but released on a Sh5,000 bail (about 50$). You can read more of that story here: Langata Man Batters Pregnant Wife in Full View of Neighbors.

But now, Justa’s parents are also fighting. They are engaged in a brawl because of money that is required to clear her hospital bill. See the video I have shared above for more on this. I must admit that the parent’s interaction with each other reveals a lot.

This story is so sad on so many levels. I hope though that Justa will recover from her ordeal -physically, mentally, emotionally, and more importantly, that her children will grow up in a safe and healthy environment, wherever that will be.





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