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Our Sunday Surprise


There’s this thing I do with my kids. Every Sunday, I give them a treat. The treat basically means that I give them some snacks –which they otherwise don’t have access to during the week. It’s usually a handful of crisps, some rings (are they still called chooz?), a cookie or something. Not much, but something significant enough for them.

So last Saturday, I went and got some Kinder Joys from the supermarket. Kinder Joys are these egg-shaped milky chocolate treats for kids that are packaged in two shells. On one side of the shell is the milk chocolate, and on the other side is a surprise little toy. I had never tasted Kinder Joys before, so I bought one for myself too :).

Finally, Sunday arrived. Without much ado, I’ll take you through our Kinder Joy moments in photos. The price of a Kinder Joy is at the end of the article.

The ones for boys have a blue lining at the top, while the ones for girls are in pink.
One for each boy.
One for each boy.








The Kinder Joy comes with a little spoon to each the milk chocolate with.
The Kinder Joy comes with a little spoon to eat the milk chocolate with.


Now opening the Kinder Joy half that has the surprise toy.
Now opening the Kinder Joy half that has the surprise toy.
The kids were so excited at seeing the colors. The kept telling me to 'open faster faster'.
The kids were so excited at seeing the colors. The kept telling me to ‘open faster faster’.


That was for boy number one. Now onto boy number two.
That was for boy number one. Now onto boy number two.





So the toys need to be assembled, to enable the child play with them. Each toy comes with an illustrated manual with instructions on how to assemble it, and this is the part where you will need to help your child (if he/she is young), because it can be hard for them to do so on their own. Daddy helped with this.


As daddy was assembling, Kitty asked approximately 2,435 questions. Daddy what are you doing? Daddy what is this? Daddy why is it color green? Daddy why is there a string? Daddy is this the toy? Daddy why is there color yellow? Daddy what are you doing now? Daddy what did you just do? Daddy what will you do next…waaah! 🙂





These are the toys the boys got. Kept them busy all day long.
These are the toys the boys got. Kept them busy all day long.



So those were what the boys found in theirs. And for me, this is what I got in the pink one – the one for girls.

I got some cute little things for tennis.
I got some cute little things for tennis.


Then daddy tried to teach them how to play tennis. Hehe.



Those were good Sunday afternoon moments for us. Each Kinder Joy costs Sh80. You can get it from all leading supermarkets as well as in some convenience stores. So what does Sh80 give you? It gives you good bonding time with your kids – it’s definitely a good family moment. Then the anticipation of the surprise toy is so exciting for the kids, the milk chocolate is nice – it’s a good portion. It’s basically a nice, tasty treat. If you’re the kind of mom that likes giving your kids treats, then this is something you can consider. By the way, the toys are not suitable for children under 3 years because of the small parts.

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So that was our Kinder Joy experience. How about you? Have you tried the Kinder Joy for your kids? Or even yourself? How was the experience?

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  1. Nice one…My niece is crazy about KinderJoy! The toy especially. Now everytime I’m in the supermarket I can’t help noticing them 🙂

  2. Wow . . I usually pass Kinder Joy at the supermarket not knowing what I’m missing out on. Bonding time is very important much so for the kids as well as the couple. Kids emulate from us as folks so that when happens time comes for them to take care of their own they will have a culture to pass to their families. I’m impressed and since this Easter is not over yet I’m grabbing kinder joys for my family. Nice images you got there Maryanne

  3. My Kids are crazy about Kinder Joy as well! It’s been a while and will make a point to hook them up with some soon too.

  4. Kinder joy is my new gate pass as I get home……Hehehehehehe nice read . In Langata it goes for Kshs 110 (Read Kshs 220 for 2 kids) . The excitement in unveiling the toys is the bomb!!! My lil ones actually even get to assemble the toys and forget about the chocolate. Guess who gets to gobble the chocolates down their throat? LOL

    • LOL Mary you’re not the only mom that I’ve heard say that the chocolate is mainly for themselves as the kids are mainly interested in the toys. Tuko wengi (and I’m not saying I’m one of them 😉 )

  5. Lol Maryanne! Where have you been? Kinder Joy is a regular treat in my house. It’s actually my mum that started the trend some time back when she came to visit bearing Kinder Joy as gifts for the kids. They usually cost Ksh. 110. I was happy to see them at Chandarana this past weekend for Ksh. 80 but there was only one left! I can’t exactly bring just one home when all of my 5 kids expect to get one and mama included lol! 🙁


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